I'm Ingunn. This blog is about learning to make photos instead of just taking them. This is where I collect and express ideas and thoughts, and sometimes I might get sidetracked, too! There is so much to be learned. I have an urge for making life better, simpler and tastier. My picture galleries are in the sections travel and portfolio. I write in English, but I am Norwegian, and comments are most welcome in both languages.


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EARTH WONDERS by anaeugenio


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I've read a bit about how to photograph rain lately, and it made me want to try this myself. The recommended shutter speed for pictures of rain is 1/60 sec. according to Bryan Peterson's Understanding Exposure (3rd edition 2011). You can see why in this collage - the photo on the left renders the rain as quite streaky, giving it a natural representation, whereas the photo on the right makes the rain look dotty, more like snow. The first photo has a shutter speed of 1/160, which is a lot quicker than Peterson's recommendation, but I still think it is successful enough. The other one has a shutter speed of 1/1000, which is way too fast. I suppose I have to go out and practice more. I have ample opportunities for that today, it is probably the most rainful day this summer, and the weather forecast is gloomy!


Cloudy captures

One thing is for certain: This summer brings on vast opportunities for capturing clouds. Night after night one can observe various shapes and colors in the sky, an abundance of clouds in every shape and color. Especially during late evenings they can look rather spectacular, sidelit as they are by the setting sun. However, to capture this in a satisfying way is easier said than done. How do others go about this? In this example, I've tried to show the depth in colors and shadows but my post processing renders the shadow too deep for my taste. I've used the curves tool to achieve a bit "color pop" in my image. The problem is that the dark grays are too dark. When I lighten the shadows too much, the photo looks artificial. What to do? This is not really what I saw yesterday.

Aperture f/22, ISO 100, Shutter speed 1/40, tripod


Breakfast at La Fauvelle

Sitting here in 15 degrees celcius and a pouring rain, I can't help but longing back to the warm, airy breakfast patio at La Fauvelle. The breakfast is simple but delicious with its croissants, jam, coffee, juice, omelette, cereals and baguettes. I particularly like the fig jam, and the ceramic bowls made by a local artist. I've bought quite a few of her bowls and cups to keep as reminders of this truly charming place during the cold winter season.

I've updated my travel gallery with a few shots from my travels in the Languedoc-Rousillon region of France. There will be more updates soon!