I'm Ingunn. This blog is about learning to make photos instead of just taking them. This is where I collect and express ideas and thoughts, and sometimes I might get sidetracked, too! There is so much to be learned. I have an urge for making life better, simpler and tastier. My picture galleries are in the sections travel and portfolio. I write in English, but I am Norwegian, and comments are most welcome in both languages.


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Sunrise and The Photographers Ephemeris

I can't stop thinking about the sunrise I experienced while visiting Arendal a couple of weeks ago. The light, the colors, the entire atmosphere was soothing and revitalizing at the same time. I've seldom felt such peace of mind as in that hour. Please have a look at this photo in the gallery to better experience the color and details.

I certainly want to do this again, and I want to be prepared. I've recently acquired an app for my iPad that displays the time and direction of the light for sunrise and sunset at any given place at any time. The app is a program called The Photographer's Ephemeris, and it is free for desktops (Mac or pc). The iPhone/iPad-app is inexpensive and of good value. The next thing I want is probably a tent to avoid getting out of bed too early to travel in the dark to my destination.

So, regardless of what kind of photography you're into, this is a useful tool. Landscape and cityscapes are obvious choices, but travel and nature shooting will benefit too for this easy access to information about the direction light takes at any time and place.


By the way: Did you notice the birds on the islet? Or the ship?


Sunrise at 5.09 am

A rare opportunity rose this morning as the weather has turned from blah to fantastic during the past couple of days. While visiting family in my hometown, I got up by 4.30 and drove to the outside of a large island nearby to watch and capture the sunrise. The colors were really beautiful, and the ambient light just before the sun showed itself was amazing. When turning my camera in the opposite direction, I had the best view ever to the two lighthouses that characterise our harbour basin:

 I used a tripod, of course, and a combination of my 17-70 and 70-200mm lenses. Both produced good results. 

Sunrise: ISO 100, 28mm, aperture f/22, shutter speed 1/15 sec.
Lighthouses: ISO 100, 81mm, aperture f/32, shutter speed 1/4 sec.

The experience was really worthwhile, and I will certainly try this gain. I now fully understand why some photographers regularly rise very early to shoot. The quality of the light was really something else! 

However, I did encounter one problem, or at least some would say that it is a "flaw" in landscape photography: I got a lot of lense flare in many of the otherwise technically good photos. What is a good solution to avoid this? Any hints and advice will certainly be appreciated! If there are accidental "flaws" in my photos, I want them to be there because I allow them to, not because I can't prevent them.