I'm Ingunn. This blog is about learning to make photos instead of just taking them. This is where I collect and express ideas and thoughts, and sometimes I might get sidetracked, too! There is so much to be learned. I have an urge for making life better, simpler and tastier. My picture galleries are in the sections travel and portfolio. I write in English, but I am Norwegian, and comments are most welcome in both languages.


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I'm now a blurbarian

My first self-made photo books arrived while I was away on vacation in the beginning of August. What  a treat to return to! I had ordered the flower book and a book I made a few months back about our trip to Northern Scandinavia last year. For some reason I didn't order it back then. It's a lot more personal than the flower book and will not be shared on the web since my children forbid me posting too personal images of them here! After I returned, I also made another book about our last trip to the family's place in Southern Norway. I am really satisfied with all of them! The photos are clear, the colors are true, and the paper quality is very good at this price. The service was excellent, too, and I will certainly make more blurb books in the future.


My first photo book

I've finally created a blurb-book, something I've wanted to try for a long time now. It remains to see how it will look IRL, but here is the preview!


Photo book: Boundary Elements

I stumbled upon this wonderful photo book by Mike
Chisholm from Southamton, UK
while browsing the blurb book store. Very inspirational! Thanks to blurb I now know about this book, that there are more books by the same author/photographer, and I also discovered that this talented photographer has a very interesting web site.


Chocolate cake can't go wrong


I tried a new recipe from Tessa Kiros' neat book Apples for Jam today, and it turned out great! Everybody loved it, the birthday girl in particular. It was everything she wished for: Spongy, soft and moist inside, and with a rich, fat, juicy frosting on the outside. I decorated it very simply with pink and white hearts and candles.

There are a lot of nice, easy-to-go-to-recipes in that book, and it is both quite cool that they are organized by color, and rather confusing at the same time. I think it will be interesting to check out her other books as well, Falling Cloudberries in particular.