I'm Ingunn. This blog is about learning to make photos instead of just taking them. This is where I collect and express ideas and thoughts, and sometimes I might get sidetracked, too! There is so much to be learned. I have an urge for making life better, simpler and tastier. My picture galleries are in the sections travel and portfolio. I write in English, but I am Norwegian, and comments are most welcome in both languages.


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Fall has entered the stage


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After weeks and weeks of pouring rain we are now blessed with nice weather again, with soft, low sun and pleasing temperatures. The fall colors have been absent so far this season, but now they're entering the scene, finally. The past few weeks have been busy for me, so my camera has been collecting more dust than images. However, by the end of the week I'm joining a class in creative photography and post-production, and I can't wait to begin! I have high expectations and long for a much needed input and refreshed inspiration. 

Another treat is that my dad has been visiting, and he's by far the one in my family that I share my passion for photography with. We've had a couple of walks and tested some new gear, and we got a few nice ambient shots. I'm challenging myself to go wider, so I only brought a 28mm prime lens this time. It is promising, but tricky to get good results. I like that. All in all, a very good weekend is about to end.


Enter Autumn


It is September and a new season is clearly upon us. Yesterday afternoon I went for a stroll to our local pond looking for motives, and there were plenty around. Fungus abounded on the ground, the ducklets had grown to almost full size, the last flowers of the season bowed their heads and everything had a layer of summer's end to it. I'm thinking about making that pond the center of a project I'd like to try, something in the line of a photo a week throughout the year or something. One each day is far too ambitious, I would never find time for that.

I made a few more pictures that I liked yesterday. These images are available in full view in my portfolio galleries close-up and close-up b&w. If you click on the thumbnails below, you'll get a large view here as well. The one with the mushrooms has been processed with a cross-processing preset to add more warmth to the colors.