I'm Ingunn. This blog is about learning to make photos instead of just taking them. This is where I collect and express ideas and thoughts, and sometimes I might get sidetracked, too! There is so much to be learned. I have an urge for making life better, simpler and tastier. My picture galleries are in the sections travel and portfolio. I write in English, but I am Norwegian, and comments are most welcome in both languages.


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EARTH WONDERS by anaeugenio



Travel | Lisbon

I was in Lisbon, Portugal last week on a business trip, and there were very little time for photography. We stayed in Parque das Nações (Park of the Nations) and it was a very different Lisbon from the one you'll find in the city center. Most of the architecture is from 1998, when Lisbon held a world Expo and simultaneously celebrated the 500th anniversary for the arrival of Vasco da Gama in India. Luckily we made it to the city center a couple of times and visited the Belem, Alfama and Bairro Alto neighborhoods. Lisbon is a truly exciting and beautiful city, and I would certainly love to return one day.

The images can be seen in the travel section, too, in larger format - recommended!


Spring has sprung!

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Finally, finally - Spring has sprung! The Anemone Hepatica is here again, and Spring Equinox as well. Winter is finally over. Today I brought my bike and my macro lens down to the fjord  and captured hepaticas. Apparently to other people's amusement, because I received a number of comments! I'm of course delighted to be able to spread some joy!

Details: Macro 100mm, f/2.8, ISO 800, 1/500. Modified in Apreture 3 and Nik plugins: Dfine 2.0, Viveza 2.0 and Color Efex 4.0


Project | Pond study, February


Ok, I admit it, it isn't February anymore, and neither is the photograph in this post taken during last month. Time passed so quickly and before I knew it, it was March. But winter still holds the pond in a quite firm grasp, although this winter has been a lot more gentle than the two previous ones. I suspect that when I return in the beginning of April, there will be no more ice on the water, and slowly life will emerge in the pond once again. 

Keeping up with my pond study during the winter months proved to be harder than I imagined before I started. I don't feel that the images are good enough - what I want is to catch the mood, the feel about the place, something I only partly have achieved. But the place seems somewhat dead in the images, and I still feel that after the initial lucky shoot, I have only made bland copies. I guess I just have to do the work.

Interested in more pond study images? Take a look in my project gallery!

Focal width 28mm, ISO 200, aperture f/18 and shutter speed 1/50


Workshop | People in movement

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Another assignment during yesterday's workshop was to create images with people moving while applying longer shutter speed such as 1/30. I made a couple of images that I liked. Do you think I captured the dynamic?

The images are post-processed in Aperture and Color Efex 4 og Silver Efex 2. I used a vintage-filter in the color image, while the other was converted to b/w, and then I added a retro-style by choosing a filter and analogue "film".

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Workshop | Portrait of a stranger

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On a whim I decided to join a workshop with the photographers Eivind Røhne and Stian Schioldborg again this weekend, and I came back packed with new ideas and a lot of fresh inspiration, exactly as I hoped to be. The toughest assignment proved to be "take a photo of a stranger who knows you're doing it". Fortunately, I met only friendly strangers who allowed me to take their portrait. In particular, I met this very charming couple who even told me that they had been together since 1969! A very inspirational truth to be told, I feel. The photo was composed in the camera, and is only slightly corrected in Aperture and Color Efex 4 during post-processing.